As most everyone knows, Saturdays are by far the most popular days for weddings and for many good reasons, mostly because many of your guests will have that time off from work and that allows the celebration to go on for a longer time. But have you ever considered the positives of having your wedding midweek?


Venues are often available to rent mid-week as opposed to Saturday/Sunday when all the most popular dates are booked well in advance. As well, the vendors that you select are likely to have a lot more availably on the weekdays.


Because weekdays are less in demand for weddings, often the venue and your preferred vendors will have discounted prices for certain weekdays. If you are looking to have a wonderful experience at the venue of your choosing and have your first choice of photographers, florists, coordinators and entertainment, a weekday wedding may be the way to go!


While it’s true that a weekday wedding might have a lower guest count, think of that as a positive too. The overall vibe will be more laid back, more intimate and you will have more quality time to spend with the guest that you do have!


If you are looking to have a perfect wedding day, to save some money and are flexible on the day of the week then you should consider a weekday wedding!